Located in full downtown of Céré Saint in the Batch (46), the Hotel of Touring ** accommodates you throughout the year, in a family atmosphere and cordial.


Since the XVIII century end, the hotel enables you to benefit from a pleasant stay, that it is in couple, in family, between friends or for your professional displacements.


Its team proposes to you to discover Holy Céré and remains has your provision to give you their advices warned on the visits to make in the whole of the area.

Our hotel has quiet rooms and comfortable answering the whole of your waitings, of an excellent value/price.


Near the trade, from a free public parking and its splendid sight on the Lathes of Saint Laurent, the hotel profits from a perfect geographical location in the town of Saint-Céré. It is an ideal place to visit the most beautiful tourist sites of the area.


Famous Pierre Benoit, writer of the 20th century, remained during a few years in one of the hotel rooms.


“I had only to push the windows of my room. There was sun on the Lathes of Saint Laurent and all the phantoms of the night disappeared then.”

                              Pierre Benoit.






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